About Shaley

   Shaley Scott was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. A trained dancer and a self-taught musician--she's been performing since the age of 5. She entered the Colorado Academy of the Arts, where she would train every day after school. "I had originally wanted to be a dancer, or be on Broadway," Shaley says. "I use to teach tap and jazz, and loved it." But, Shaley started writing songs on the piano in her spare time, and landed a spot on a local cable channel, where they started featuring her original music on tv--at only age 14. From then on, her songwriting became a priority in her life.
      She continued to train with the Colorado Academy of the Arts, and was a part of a 1940’s song and dance troupe that toured the United States as well as Europe, and even opened for Chubby Checker . . . "That was an experience, for sure," says Shaley. "Meeting such an icon from the early Rock and Roll movement was such a pleasure, and it was the first time I really got to see first hand, the impact music can have on people. Here was Mr. Checker, on stage almost 40 years later--still touching people’s lives; Truly amazing."
       Shaley got a music scholarship to Colorado State University, and entered college as a music major. "I had always been the over-achieving type in school, and had prepared for that moment since I could remember. But, when I finally got to college, it was as if there was a voice inside me, telling me I needed to be somewhere else." So, Shaley packed up her car, and moved to Los Angeles.
      Upon her arrival, she started co-writing, worked with a few indie labels, sang in radio spots, and had her music placed in the indie film "Art House," which went on to the Aspen Comedy Festival.
     In addition, Shaley has been featured on many radio shows, had many songs placed in Indie films, and even jumped back into her theater/acting roots and starred in such films as “The Apocalypse”, “Invasion of the Pod People”, “Transmorphers”, and “The Hitchhiker”.    
      Most recently, she sang Smurfette's featured song in Sony Picture’s "Smurfs: The Lost Village," starring Demi Lovato and Julia Roberts. Shaley continues to pursue the world of music placement and publishing, as well as co-writing and touring live.
          She has worked with singer/songwriter KT Tunstall... opened for Chubby Checker, Cracker, Haley Bennett, Australian country music artist Kasey Chambers, Bob Marley's The Wailers, and Joan Osborne. Shaley also now works as a professional session vocalist and songwriter for SoundBetter, a division of Spotify for Artists.

         With influences such as The Police, Tori Amos, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Heart, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, and Queen--her original writing is the perfect blend of many styles, which has proven useful to music placement and publishing.



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