Radiate Alchemy Triblend Hoodie


Akinz, a Fort Collins, CO-based business founded and owned by Suzanne Akin, together with Sugarfox Records, has created a unique cross-marketing project with Shaley Scott in support of her upcoming album, "Radiate." The purchase of Shaley Scott items from Akinz, including the Alchemy Tee and Hoodie, among others, provides financial support to Shaley's album project and corresponding tour.




The Radiate Alchemy design is inspired by Shaley Scott’s new upcoming album, "Radiate," and the idea she visits about metamorphosis throughout the album.  The symbols in the middle represent Akinz, "Radiate," and the partnership between Akinz, Shaley Scott and Sugarfox Records.

*Other sponsors include Scott Harrison, and Andrew Schneider of Create Places

Radiate Alchemy Charcoal Gray Tee


Radiate Alchemy Triblend Tee